Katerina Kronauge

Katerina Kronauge grew up in San Mateo County, in Redwood City, where she did not find an interest in agriculture until High School. That is when she worked at Hidden Villa Ranch in Los Altos Hills as a student intern with a program through her school. In 2017, Katerina graduated California State University, Chico with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business.

After graduation Katerina interned at a water district where her passion in supporting and working with Farmers and Ranchers grew. Being from the Bay Area she understands there is a negative stigma that often surrounds Agriculture. Her goal is to help educate more people about agricultural practices to help lift that stigma. Katerina is also involved in American Farmland Trust, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to help sustain and protect farmland.

When not working, Katerina enjoys being outdoors whether it be hiking, hunting or fishing. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends.

“… in every well regulated State, agriculture must ever be deemed the paramount interest, because it furnishes the necessaries of life, food and raiment, on which we all depend, and without which no government, or society, can exist. It is a safeguard against the contingencies of war and famine, and should ever be the pride of the people and receive the fostering care of the government.”
     – John Bidwell, 1860, speaking to the California State Agricultural Society