Projects – Overview

RCD Connects with Kids

Glenn County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

  • Landowner tool for restoration projects to help protect natural resources from wildfires.

Lower Stony Creek Watershed

  • Fight against Arundo, Tamarisk and Erosion!
  • Watershed Assessment, Landowner’s Manual and Atlas
  • Restoration Implementation and Monitoring Program

Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Results Oriented Financial Planning Workshops

  • Led by Rod Carter, Northern California Farm Credit Business Consulting Services, the comprehensive series of 6 workshops provided participants with individualized assistance to create a business plan, strategic plan, and financial plan while incorporating forecasting and benchmark data to project for return on their investment.

Pollinator Conservation on CA Farms

  • Nationally known research project.
  • Promotion of pollinator populations utilizing practical native habitats on working landscapes.

Colusa Glenn Subwatershed Program

NRCS Farm Bill Programs